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example of a Tour agency

that likes to promote to its site the daily cruises it organizes to some remote and secluded Points of interest (POIS) and picturesque beaches.

The idea is to create an aerial video that presents all the POIS to be visited during this daily tour.

The problems to overcome are important.

Where the owner can find high quality videos for these not so famous, secluded beaches?

Since all possibly existing videos are “stock” (that is preselected by someone else) are they going to be appropriate for the promo video of the Agency??

If the owner is lucky enough to find all the videos he is looking for how much it will cost him?

After been so lucky and having the budget to cover the cost who is going to make the editing of the final promo-video? And after having the video edited where is it going to be uploaded in order to be available to the Agency’s site?

None of these problems exists in AEROVIEWER

You can simply record your preferred duration from our videos and just get what you need, no more nor less.

Within our platform you can use photos and videos to create unique widgets that will be streamed by our infrastructure. Focus only in what matters to your business and let us deliver your inspiration and provide you insight statistics.

Easily, quickly and at a fraction of the usual cost.

the use of AEROVIEWER aerial photos and aerial free floating (continuous) video to create tailored video-movies offers to the Tourism industry thousands of customized solutions.

Visual content creation was never that easy as it is to the AEROVIEWER platform. Hotels, Villas, Homes, Apartments, Travel agencies, Tour operators, on-line booking systems, cruise ships and cruise organizers, excursions, island hopping tours, sailing boats and motor yachts brokers, water sports and diving schools, beach bars, restaurants, marinas, port authorities and many more can have now their own video and slideshow.

Use our DigiShare™ Service subscription to embed content directly in your websites or mobile app with only a few clicks.

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