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Become an AEROVIEWER Contributor


AeroViewer aims to become the preferred source of aerial visual content around the world.

We will be very glad to offer your videos (and later this year also photos) to interested Users and help you make revenues out of your work. We are not asking for exclusivities or other terms and conditions that will degrade your professional and commercial rights

We will only ask you to upload your best professional work and to guarantee that you are the true and legal owner of the commercial rights of the content you are submitting to our Platform and that your content is not abusing and does not violate the privacy rules.

Contributor’s beta version will last until the end of November 2018.

Soon you will be allowed to upload, tag, geo-tag and test your content.


We offer the necessary environment, time and tools for you to experiment, master and improve

AeroViewer is the first aerial video platform / bank to offer geo-referenced videos to the interested Users / Buyers. Thus, for the uploaded videos, we will offer you the tools and will ask you to geo-tag your videos and make them easily searchable and locatable using the Map. This will increase drastically the “search ability” of your content. Your video in order to become “auto-approved” and latter-on “finally approved” MUST HAVE at least one GPS position presenting the point on Earth your video has been captured. It is even better to have as many as possible GPS positions (geo-tags).

AeroViewer is the first aerial video platform / bank that allows the User to tailor made his videos. The User can select and “cut” segments of a video instead of taking it all. And if he likes he can combine different contributors segments to create his own video. Thus we ask you to upload single cut videos (NON EDITED VIDEOS) and let the User to choose what is needed.

We Introduce some functions for the first time ever and we believe that we have to provide to you the necessary environment and tools in order to be able to experiment and master these new functions.

Soon, all the videos you will upload will be “auto-approved” after submission but this approval is NOT the final one. This “auto-approval” will be provided to you, to enable the TESTING cycle for you. Before releasing your content to the public a FINAL approval should be granted.
If for some reason we will disapprove your material you will receive a report explaining the problems we have encountered and how you can correct them. We will also notify you and ask you to provide your banking account details in order to receive money coming from sales of your content


File Size

Currently maximum file size is 8GB and video duration up to 2 minutes. For bigger duration you have to contact the Content team at

Video properties

All uploaded videos must be single cut videos not edited at all, with no vertical or square framing. Minimum resolution is 720p, accepted Resolution standards as 1280X720, 1920x1080, 2048x1080, 3840x2160, 4096x2160, 4096x2304.

Encode & Enveloping

We accept MOV, MPG, MP4, and AVI formats, and only ProRes amd H.264 Codex with no sound over. Use frame rate standards and do not convert your original frame rate when uploading.

Platform Editing

After uploading you will be asked to add title and keyword metadata to your files and GPS positions indicating your flight path or the actual points on Earth your video is presenting or the part of Earth your story is using as scenery

Private Data Policy

Ask yourself if the person in the video would recognize themselves or if the property owner would recognize their property. If the answer is “Yes”, you may need a model release or a property release. Especially if there is an identifiable property, investigate whether the item is protected by privacy, trademark, or copyright law. If yes, a property release may be required

Quality Standards

For your videos to have commercial value, we expect them to be, appropriately lit and exposed, free of visual and audio noise, minimally processed, visually stable unless shakiness is relevant to the content, without noticeable wobble (known as “jello” artifacts) or flash banding.